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For Your Oral Health

We strive to put your dental health first.

Our Facility

At Clover Park Dental, we are committed to using innovative equipment and computer systems to keep you informed about your dental procedure. We use ergonomic chairs to keep you comfortable during your time with us. We try to make you feel relaxed and at home at our office. Our children’s area has a big screen TV that will keep your little ones occupied while they wait. We also have TVs in the ceiling in our treatment area for both you and the kids.


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Dr. Keval Patel

Dr. Patel studied at DDU, one of the most highly reputed universities in Gujarat, India, with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2011. After moving to Vancouver in 2012, he graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Masters of Administrative Science, as well as completing the Canadian Dental Licensing Exams at UBC, in 2014. He has been registered with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC since 2015. Dr. Patel is experienced in restorative dentistry, crown and bridge work, endodontics (root canal treatment), oral surgery (wisdom teeth extractions), and removable prosthetics (dentures and partials), and is always expanding and enhancing his knowledge and expertise by participating in continuing education courses.

Dr. Dorsa Mand

Dr. Dorsa Mand.

Dr. Mand has practiced dentistry in BC since she graduated from UBC in 2004. Since dentistry is a growing, ever-changing field, Dr. Mand has participated in many continuing education and study clubs over the years, to ensure that her existing skills are honed and to acquire new ones. Her special interests include orthodontics, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. Currently, Dr. Mand is participating in courses in BOTOX® laser and advanced prosthetics and orthodontics.




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