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For Your Oral Health

We strive to put your dental health first.


One of the most common ways to resolve problems with your teeth is through braces. At Clover Park Dental, we offer several different types of braces including wire and clear line to Cloverdale, North Delta, Surrey, Langley, and beyond. Braces can resolve many orthodontic problems with your teeth, such as:

Jaw disorders
Gaps in your teeth
Crooked or crowded teeth
Speaking, eating, and breathing problems that have to do with tooth alignment

Different Types of Braces

At Clover Park Dental, we provide two different types of braces. The first is the traditional wire and bracket brace, which use bonding material, wire, and elastic. Over time the orthodontist tightens these braces, bringing the teeth to a straight position.

The second type are Clearline braces. These do not use wire or brackets, but rather use a series of clear plastic aligners, much like retainers, that are aligned at different increments to slowly straighten your teeth. At Clover Park Dental, we aim to plan out the exact movements of each of your teeth, so that your Clearline aligners provide you with the results you want. Invisalign® is one of the world’s most advanced clear aligner systems. It can provide results up to 50% faster than wire and bracket braces. Many patients often choose Invisalign® clear braces for comfort.

Contact us to speak with one of your dental staff and orthodontics specialist about braces today.

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