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Is BOTOX® Right for You?

We will discuss all your options with you at Clover Park Dental.

BOTOX® Treatments in Surrey BC and Beyond

In addition to our dental services, Clover Park Dental offers BOTOX® to Cloverdale and the surrounding areas. When you invest a lot in maintaining your smile, it’s only natural that would want to complement that with beautiful skin. What are the benefits of BOTOX® treatments? Firstly, it can smooth out the skin, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, smile lines, and other creases in the face. Patients often report that their facial skin looks younger and smoother after their treatment.

Secondly, BOTOX® can also reduce the pain and headaches associated with different types of temporomandibular disorders called TMJ disorders. Although the exact cause of TMJ disorders are difficult to determine, BOTOX® can provide relief by relaxing the jaw muscles.

BOTOX® treatments do not require anesthesia and it is a very quick injection. Patients report that they usually begin to see results two or three days after they receive their botox treatment.

We also use cosmetic laser to help reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities. This is an excellent option for acne scars. This technique directs a short and highly concentrated beam of light at the skin area you wish to target, carefully removing the damaged skin layer by layer.

Contact us today if you feel BOTOX® is the right option for you.

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